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  • Firework Display Design

    Using new technology to design displays, this further allows us to share the design with clients prior to the display for further customisation

  • Large Scale Displays

    BG can provide a display of ANY size, whether that be based on amount of fireworks or length of display; we have done displays in excess of 15 minutes

  • Regional Coverage

    BG has invested in enough firing systems to be able to support displays throughout the Eastern Caribbean, with displays already succesfully implemented in St. Kitts, Nevis, Anguilla and St. Eustatius

  • Up Close Fireworks

    Sometimes a smaller more intimate fireworks display is desired by the client, BG can provide intimate, safe and beautiful displays

  • Performance Pyrotechnics

    On-stage pyrotechnics are an incredible enhancer to any performance, however only BG has the necessary equipment and skill set to provide exciting and safe displays

  • Confetti Displays

    Whether the need is for a huge, post sporting event, display, or for a personal celebration, BG can provide the applicable confetti display

  • Foam Events

    BG is the only supplier of foam systems that have been used at a number of very successful events throughout St. Kitts-Nevis

  • Snow Parties

    Similar to Foam events, snow parties provide a different experience where there is more product in the air and can be experienced over a larger area than Foam events

  • Paint Parties

    BG supplies the most ecologically friendly and has numerous distribution and application systems to make your paint party the best

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